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It is possible to find reasonings on heresy in Tertullian's works. The heresy for it - those who is, "costs" close to laymen. Behavior them he called "thoughtless, ordinary, trite, not being of importance and so forth"

But being a joyful message for each certain person, Christ's doctrine spoke about rescue and the whole world. Suffers not only the person; "all creature in total suffers and suffers" (Rome. VII Therefore rescue not only that each separate human soul escapes, and in that that each creature escapes. This new order of things, a new sort of life and the relations in the Gospel carries

The evangelical principles of the relation to the world were as follows: not to become attached to the empirical world, not to serve Mammona, etc. A sin not life in it to the world, and excessive attachment to it, worship it as absolute, oblivion for the sake of it eternal.

F. Engels gave the following characteristic of a spiritual and material condition of society of that time: "the present is intolerable, the future, perhaps is even more terrible. Any exit". ** Such poor people were ready to trust in situations to any appeal if only that promised releases.

Not for nothing say that the most difficult - the beginning. How many times you are again and again convinced of it! When you consider a subject before starting a statement of thoughts on paper, it is so difficult to capture all it entirely, to present and express. But here - there is an Idea, the plan vaguely ripens - and the thought runs and runs, and not to stop it any more. It, of course, the lyrical beginning, but it corresponds to a condition of the person who understood that - or is so deep and clear.