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Real results of activity of Magomet and that image of the prophet and governor a basis for which he created the life, define value of a role and Magomet's identity in medieval history of the East and West.

Was born in Mecca in rather poor, but close on relationship to the mekkansky nobility to a family. His father died during a trade trip till Magomet's birth, mother - in some years. Magomet was brought up in the house of the grandfather ‘Abd is scarlet-muttaliba. Since young years he was familiar with karavanny trade, sometimes participated in trade trips. Magomet was employed to deal the rich mekkansky widow Hadidzhi bandage of Huvaylit whom married at the age of 25 years. While Hadidzha was live, Magomet did not take himself other wives. She gave birth to it to some sons who died in infancy, including Qassim, on which Magomet called Abu - l-Kasim, and four daughters: Rukayu, Umm Kulsum, Zaynab and Fatima.