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In many countries there were cosmetics in which the principle of an aromatherapy is used. For example, in the morning before going to work, it is possible to use soap or eau de toilette which will allow to remain quiet during a trip in the subway car. If the fatigue or drowsiness is during the day felt, instead of a cup of coffee it is possible to use other eau de toilette which possesses the toning and refreshing action. The compounding of these means is formed on the basis of an aromatherapy. It can be bath preparations, shampoos, conditioners, means for care of skin, deodorants, etc. It is well known that:

Fresh, citrus, grass and flower aromas less resistant in comparison with east, vanilla, ambrovy and musky. To strengthen a favourite smell it is necessary to use products of one perfumery and cosmetic series.

In inside - thanks to own conscious or unconscious perception of a smell. It has impact on mood, on our self-confidence, on feeling of pleasure. It is necessary not to "smell", and to listen to a smell. What smells approach, it will prompt only own perception. Whether spirits are correctly chosen, is test on skin will prompt.

Synthetic fragrant substances. These are products of oil refining, coal, wood and essential oils from which allocate separate components and in fragrant substances. Due to the inconstancy of quality and some deficiency of natural fragrant substances the problem of creation of synthetic fragrant substances draws special attention of perfumers of all countries. In time a significant amount of fragrant substances is synthesized: the terpinevy — with a perfume of lilac, vanillin — with a vanilla smell, benzopyrone — with a hay smell, etc.

acorus oil - essential oil from dry roots of an acorus of marsh Acorus calamus. Viscous liquid of yellowy-brown color with a peculiar spicy smell. Oil contains b-azaron as the main component, and also (Z, Z) - 4,7-dekadiyenal, a number of seskviterpenoid which define a smell of airny oil. It is used in perfumery compositions

Essential oils — it is the easily flying oily liquids extracted from flowers (a rose, a jasmine, etc.), flower kidneys (carnation), fruits (an anise, a peel of fruits (a lemon, ­, leaves (mint), wood (santalaceous, etc. Essential oils receive from the fresh or dried-up efiromaslichny plants by distillation by water vapor (a, pink, geranaceous, mint and some the friend, their squeezings from a crust (, by extraction by means of flying solvents.

Ambergris — the fat wax-like mass of gray-green color extracted from a digestive tract of cachalots and consisting for 80% of cholesterol. Ambergris is found also in a type of the pieces floating on a sea surface at tropics. In perfumery apply the ambergris infusion capable to fix a smell. Its version is – – one of the most important components of natural gray ambergris. Crystal weight with a strong amber scent and a subtle wood shade. Industrial production is based on oxidation of a sklareol or on cyclization of farnezilkarbonovy acid before receiving a sklareolid; the last then is restored and dehydrated. It is used in perfumery compositions and fragrances of the premiums.

Pierre-Francois Guerlen's descendants brought perfumery to the level of high art. Gradually the public learned that aroma is capable to sparkle and be poured, as the real diamond; as the jewel, it can possess the magic properties which are waking up feelings and the imagination.

Firms: Vella Russvell, Kolgeyt Palmoliv, Laboratuar Sarbek L'Oreal - Rusbel, Mezoplast, Oriflame of Kosmetiks, Prokter Gembl, Rekkit Benkizer, Freedom, Smith Klein, Bich Helsker, Byyuti Prodakts's Avon, Yuniliver – the firms entering into Association which is the member Evropeyskaya parfyumerno - cosmetic association (Kolip.

One perfumery formula contains, on average, about one hundred elements as natural and synthetic. And the dosage among themselves leads their, their combination to a certain result, the necessary composition which achievement, as a rule, requires a huge number of tests.

The most important and responsible operation in production of perfumery goods is drawing up composition which represents mix of fragrant substances with an equal characteristic flower or fantasy smell. The structure of compositions bases is great (60 — 80 and more names fragrant.

The note of "heart" - a kernel of spirits, defines smell type. It reveals after an initial note and keeps within 3-4 hours. At this time all main aromas of composition are shown: fruit, flower, spicy, wood, animal, etc.

The initial note is shown within the first 15 min. evaporation. It makes the first, spontaneous impression about spirits. It is created by the most flying components of composition: citrus, grass, aldegidny, green, ozone aromas.