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At the end of H1H of an eyelid the village Krylatskoye with its picturesque vicinities became a country place. Members of the Surikovsky literary and musical circle gathered in park near the village at the beginning of the XX century. Here under a century oak Sergey Yesenin for the first time publicly read the poems. There are memoirs that Vladimir Mayakovsky often happened in Krylatskoye, composed verses there, crossed the Moskva River at Krylatskoye and arranged competitions on swimming of a srda of the friends.

In structure of housing stock houses of poledny generations of standard industrial construction prevail. In a qualitative sense building the extremely monotonous. Condition of housing stock satisfactory, wear percent the insignificant.

In the area there are 9 comprehensive schools on 10,4 thousand places, in them 12,2 thousand pupils from whom 16,5% are trained in the second change are trained. Security with school places on 1000 children of school age made 809,3 places.

The Tatarovsky ravine is located still to the north. Recently and there were small rocks from sandstone. Behind the Tatarovsky ravine almost the highland - the relief is so crossed here, it is result of activity of the person: in pits extracted sandstone. Pits and dumps grew with meadow herbs long ago.