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Tarragona. The former Roman city of Tarrako, the capital of the province Tarragona in Catalonia. Tourists are attracted especially by the Roman ruins which fancifully grew together with the city. Old Gothic quarter of the city is surrounded with a fortification. In spite of the fact that the wall is already mentioned by time, residents are attached to it by houses. The present of the city is closely connected with the past.

Spain is on crossing of the important maritime and air routes connecting Europe with African and American continents. Various and quite often freakish relief defines in many respects an esthetics of landscapes of Spain and, certainly, is one of factors of involvement of tourists.

In each province there is the house specialty. In Navarre it is a partridge in chocolate. In Galicia in honor the boiled octopus flavored with olive oil and sweet pepper, and the galy – vegetable stew with ham. Gourmets will appreciate refined desserts – fruit and nut pies, sweet pancakes ().

So, the analysis of the tourist market in each tourist region of the world lights development history, current state and the future of world tourist sector. Spain as the leader in the international tourism considerably influences successful functioning of this sector. In Spain it developed and steadily the industry of tourism having huge material resources, providing employment of millions of people and interacting almost with all branches of economy develops. It is possible to allocate the following factors which are successfully influencing formation of tourist needs for this country:

Near the African coast, on the Canary Islands there is the, special kitchen. Some of its attractive dishes are (a flour from fried grains), vegetables, tropical cultures and well-known (pepper sauces and a coriander.

Among the international festivals with which cultural life of Spain is rich, it is necessary to celebrate a film festival in San Sebastian, an autumn festival of arts in Madrid, musical festivals in Barcelona and Granada, a theater festival in Merida.